Answers from the Bible

Learning to navigate the storms of life with instruction and direction from the Master and Maker of the universe. He created this beautiful world for man to live in. He supplied every need for us in that our provisions literally grow from the ground. Scattered throughout this globe is glorious beauty unmatched by man’s greatest artist.

He did all this to demonstrate His love for us and that we can be assured He knows what He is doing. Most will be blind to all these blessings surrounding us. But to those whose eyes are open to His handiwork, they long to meet Him and show their appreciation.¬† If you are the one looking and searching for His direction to a city not made with men’s hands, GREAT NEWS.

  • You are the truth seekers that looks beyond this world and this life. God also prepared a place there for you.
  • You are the one who looks for the eternal home with God.
  • You are to be commended that you seek this way it is that quest that has brought you to this website.

The day the church began in Acts 2 and continued throughout the records in the New Testament, there was only ONE church Eph. 4:5; 1:22-23 They were instructed to ALL speak the same thing and be no divisions among them. 1Cor. 1:10 We have to admit since then much has happened contrary to this passionate command.

Would you be surprised to know that kind of disciples still exist?

  • They follow ONLY what God says in His word.
  • They speak and teach only what God’s word says with no interventions of man-made doctrines at all.
  • Would you care to investigate it and see what it is like?

To get started involves careful research into what God actually has and has not instructed. We can help you with this. We are happy to send you free a Bible correspondence course that will get you into His word and find things that are not being taught today in most churches. Many of these things can keep one from going to heaven simply because important parts of your Bible are not being taught and applied today. So you have nothing to loose and every unimaginable blessing to gain.

Start you journey by filling out the contact form and lesson 1 will be sent to you. All this is FREE of charge. Christ provided salvation FREE to anyone who loves Him enough to obey His will, John 14:15. But that is the kicker, people are not being told key parts of His will that will bring salvation. This is alarming!

You can also call right now: 770-835-4000 after a short message (that is changed each day) you can leave your info and lesson 1 of the course will be sent, again FREE of charge. Or you can click above and fill out the form. Another blessing God gives us is the freedom to choose. Go ahead choose LIFE.